Magic Theater Field Trip 2017-2018

Magic Theater Field Trip 2017-2018

Third Grade Overview

As a third grade student, your child will begin to focus on independence and organization.  Your child will learn about community service and life lessons in addition to the academic curriculum. He or she will be challenged to grow spiritually, academically and socially.

In Religion your child will grow in faith, love, and commitment to Jesus Christ, and recognize the need for a Savior. Along with attending weekly chapel services and memorizing Scripture and its meaning, third graders will develop an understanding of Law and Gospel.  Your child will grow in knowledge of the Bible and understanding that faith is active and should be an integral part of all aspects of daily life and decisions using the One Life In Christ curriculum from Concordia Publishing House.

Math class brings a focus on student participation, learning manipulatives, and responsibility using the Saxon Math curriculum.  Your child will use a variety of approaches to improve his or her flexibility to work with several mathematical concepts at a time. 

Your child will utilize a mixture of the Harcourt Brace curriculum and novel-based curriculum in Reading class. The novels include a mixture of genres and incorporate a variety of book projects.  Your child will also build fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension skills and utilize Accelerated Reader program.  Grammar skills are advanced using the Macmillan/McGraw-Hill curriculum.  Your child will also have opportunities to express himself or herself through creative writing.

For Social Studies your child will be using the Harcourt curriculum to focus on communities and government.  Your child will study current events through the weekly Scholastic News.

Students will investigate and experience Science.  The Texas Science Fusion curriculum incorporates inquiry skills, STEM skills, investigations, and many activities with opportunities to ask questions, think critically and enjoy applying hands on science.  The magazine style textbook provides opportunities to take notes, make sketches and record data in the textbook.

To round out his or her education, your child will also participate in Art, Brain Power Hour, Handwriting, Music, Physical Education, Spanish and Technology classes.