Support Program Details

Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran School works with students who have been diagnosed ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia and various other learning disabilities through our Student Support program. Students work on reading skills, math skills, study skills and/or behavior strategies, depending on the needs of each child. 

Students are recommended for the program by teachers, with parent approval. Students with diagnosed disabilities and Individual Education Plans (IEPs) are helped first. All special needs testing is done either through Northside ISD or through specialists in private practice.  (Please note that some disabilities are beyond the scope of services provided by Shepherd of the Hills School.  If applying for enrollment, please provide IEP and any other associated paperwork.  Upon review, administration will inform family whether student can be adequately served.) Students with no diagnosis but are still low in reading or math can be helped as well, schedule permitting. 

Student Support is mainly a pull-out program where students work on skills that are difficult for them. Students within this program are also assisted through inclusion, which means that students are helped while staying in the classroom.

Support Instructors

Our Student Support program is led by Mrs. Judy Friesenhan, who works with students from kindergarten through eighth grade.