Second Grade Overview

Second grade is a time to master skills taught in first grade and introduce new skills that will be used in more complex and creative ways. It is exciting to watch students mature in decision making and independence. They will be challenged to grow spiritually, academically and socially.

Religion class provides an opportunity for your child to grow in faith and to recognize the need for a Savior. The One Life in Christ curriculum, from Concordia Publishing House, helps children become familiar with Bible stories and apply the lessons learned to their daily lives. Daily devotions and weekly Chapel services are highly anticipated parts of the curriculum.


In Language Arts students work to improve their mastery of the spoken and written English language. In Reading class students are divided by skill level into small groups and practice oral and silent reading using the Open Court curriculum. Phonics, reading comprehension, and fluency are practiced daily. SpellingHandwriting, and Creative Writing all work together to provide your child the needed tools for personal expression. Zaner Bloser provides a strong handwriting curriculum to help master manuscript and introduce cursive writing. Your child will also visit the library weekly.

Second grade students learn best with hands-on learning, particularly when it comes to Math. The Saxon math curriculum provides many opportunities for your child to manipulate objects in order to continue learning math skills. In addition to reviewing and mastering addition and subtraction facts, children will be introduced to multiplication and division and will have the opportunity to develop their higher order, problem solving skills.

In Science, the Texas Science Fusion curriculum allows your child to read, experiment and interact with print and digital content.  Hands-on activities on the solar system, earth science, matter, energy, motion, magnets, animal and plant characteristics and needs, and the environment will be included throughout the year. Your child’s curiosity and understanding of God’s world will be enhanced through activities and projects.

Living as a productive part of our community, understanding key historical figures, general geography, and relating the past to the present are all a part of Social Studies class. Your child will enjoy becoming a historical figure through research and oral reporting in the school's Wax Museum.

To help complete the second grade education, your child will participate in Brain Power Hour, Technology, SpanishArtMusic, and Physical Education. Field trips, both physical and virtual round out the school year.