Kindergarten is an exciting time during which your child will develop many new skills. The foundations of Spiritual growth, writing, reading, math, and discovery are incorporated daily. Your child will be learning to cooperate and develop socially and mentally. 

Religion class provides daily devotions, prayer, and Bible knowledge. Your child will be developing an understanding of Law and Gospel. As your child grows in faith, he or she will recognize the need for a Savior. Using the One in Christ curriculum, your child will understand how faith is active, not passive, and should be an integral part of all aspects of daily life. 

In Math class, students will utilize daily problem solving activities using the Saxon Math curriculum. The focus is on hands-on manipulatives and student participation as students learn about numbers, time, money, patterns, and graphs. Your child will also be introduced to simple addition and subtraction. 

Your child will develop a strong understanding of print and book awareness in Reading and and Handwriting classes. Students are divided by skill level into small groups and use Daily 5,  Open Court Reading and Zaner Bloser Handwriting curriculum along with journal writing to develop letter sounds, word recognition, comprehension skills, vocabulary, and the writing process. Your child will also work to develop proper handwriting skills using daily practice. 

Science and Social Studies are incorporated into the kindergarten program using a variety of materials and real-life situations. Students experiment and discover using a variety of scientific tools, literature, and media using Scholastic Let’s Find Out Weekly Reader, Science Spin Magazine and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Texas Science Fusion curriculum.

In addition, your child will participate in TechnologySpanishArtMusic, Brain Power Hours/Library, and Physical Education. Field trips will also be incorporated into your child's Kindergarten experience to enhance learning.